Mulching and Land Clearing Services


Land Clearing and Brush
Removal Services

Our mulchers make clearing the underbrush and trees on your property fast and cost effective. We are able to remove unwanted trees and brush flush to the ground making is easy to maintain your property with a brush hog. The nutrient-rich wood chips left on site helps minimize soil erosion and run-off pollution commonly associated with bulldozer usage. These wood chips rapidly decay and release those nutrients back into the soil.

Unlike other shredders or mowers, our mulching head discharges the debris downward and in line with the mulching machine making it safer to operate near roads or in residential neighborhoods.

For underbrush removal, our rubber track mounted machine creates a low 4.8 pound per square inch ground pressure resulting in less soil compaction and ground disturbance. This also allows us to operate in most weather and over most ground conditions with minimal impact to the surface. Existing root systems are left intact so the health of residual trees are not threatened.

We Can Help You With

Our Land Clearing Services

Fence line clearing up to 6 – 7.5 ft wide with one pass for new fence construction or maintaining an existing fence

Home site clearing

Woodlot beautification – clean up around your property without damage to surrounding trees

Trail and road clearing – easily wind around large, beautiful trees

Reclaim overgrown property without scraping
soils and pushing debris into piles

As well as:

  • Residential & commercial developments
  • Pasture Reclamation
  • Pipeline initial construction clearing
  • Pipeline right-of-way reclamation
  • Right-of-Way maintenance
  • Game ranch habitat improvement
  • Pre-commercial plantation thinning
  • Post harvest clean-up

Mulching Benefits

Why Choose Us for Mulching

Move in only ONE piece of equipment to clear your site

Mulches brush and trees flush to the ground

NO BURNING NECESSARY! So burning bans do not affect us

No need to haul material off site saving trucking and disposal fees

Reclaim overgrown property. See what you have rather than looking at a thicket

Possible buyers can visualize their home better on a cleared lot

Mulch is left on site to return nutrients into the soil and minimize erosion

Clear selectively – we can leave selected trees and desirable vegetation, such as dogwoods

No flying debris – special head design directs discharge towards the ground, not outwards as with rotary mowers

Cost effective, high production clearing – one to three acres per day with our smallest mulching machine

We are fully insured!

Land Clearing Costs

Determining the cost of your land clearing needs

The cost of land clearing varies greatly. Each land clearing project is assessed on an individual basis. Some factors that influence brush removal bids are dependent on the following:

~ size of area to be cleared

~ type of land clearing required

~ tree species, size and stand density

~ accessibility

~ terrain: soil type and topography

~ location

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