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LSLE is one of the oldest running land clearing companies in Texas. Our specialty-built equipment has the power to tackle commercial land clearing projects from East Texas and the surrounding areas  – all while leaving the finest finish.


Hiring a commercial land clearing company should not be a risk to your project. Instead, it should be an investment. 

It is an often-told tale of investors employing a business with the lowest bid only to find they paid more in the end than if they had chosen a more qualified company.

As you pursue hiring a commercial land clearing company, here is an example of a simplified process of what you can anticipate for your next project.

From the initial consultation to bidding and scheduling, to how long the project takes to complete and even billing; we want to be completely transparent in the process so you know what to look for when hiring a land clearing company.

Though this is not the entirety of the land clearing procedure, a company of excellence should maintain a streamlined process of business, much like this, to not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Initial Consultation

Your first consultation with the land company of your choice is important. An experienced company will efficiently communicate from the beginning, such as asking the important questions, giving proper information, accurately assessing the scope of your project. 


Site Consultation

Provided with the acquired information about your project, an knowledgeable consultant will appraise your property’s needs and give professional insight. Their experience will lead them to find and avoid future obstacles.

Project Bid

Another major component of a successful land clearing assignment is bidding. Less proficient companies might quickly agree to a timeline and cost, yet lack the experience or equipment to follow through with the initial bid. A company of excellence will have the knowledge and means to plan and bid with accuracy, ensuring your project is completed on time and stays within budget.

Project Scheduling

Once you have accepted a bid, your chosen vendor will need to contact to schedule work according to your determined needs. It is important that their communication is succinct so that there might not be any complications in moving forward with your project. 

Project Initiation

According to your time constraints and communication, your professional land clearing company should be punctual in the arrival and initiation of your project.

Project Duration

A commercial land clearing company ought to clearly convey the plan and the project’s specific needs, as well as ensure the safety of their operators.

Knowledgeable operators should navigate their work under their specified directions with little to no supervision from your company. 

Project Completion

Once your primary plan has been completed, you may opt to stay within your earlier determined time and budget or extend your project to further increase your return on investment. Whichever it may be, by choosing an attentive and intuitive land clearing company, you will be able to move forward so that you reach your desired result. 

As your design comes to fulfillment, a land clearing company representative should be present to evaluate the work done and verify your satisfaction.


Just as imperative at the initial consultation, excellent communication after the project is imperative. A superior land clearing company will have completed your project within the scope of their bid and will be billed accordingly. The business of invoicing and payment should be efficient and well-conveyed.

“A Tradition of Excellence.”

 “It’s not all about what we can clear but also what we can leave.”

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