Right of Way Clearing

Commercial Right of Way Clearing

For nearly a decade, our company has been clearing right-of-ways.

We utilize our range of purpose and specialty-built machines to meet the challenging demands these projects often entail.

Our operators have been equipped and trained with the latest technology to ensure they stay within the boundaries of every easement project they take on.

Whether your project is maintaining or expanding, our company brings high performance and precision to every right-of-way job.

Commercial Site Claring


Precision, punctuality, and safety matter on the job, which is why we offer that at every project we take on.

Lone Star Land Enhancement, Inc. is a fully-insured, bond-ready company providing our industry expertise as well as excellent safety and quality records since 2011.

Our team is compliant with a variety of safety programs complete with certifications and PPE which puts us in a position to provide and meet job safety analysis required to start site clearing promptly.

From bid to project completion, our commitment is evident in our exceptional attention to detail, work efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

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Our mulchers make clearing the underbrush and trees on site fast and cost effective. We are able to remove unwanted trees and brush flush to the ground making the grounds easy to access.

The nutrient-rich wood chips left on site helps minimize soil erosion and run-off pollution commonly associated with bulldozer usage. These wood chips rapidly decay and release those nutrients back into the soil.

Unlike other shredders or mowers, our mulching head discharges the debris downward and in line with the mulching machine making it safer to operate near roads or in residential neighborhoods.

For underbrush removal, our rubber track-mounted machine creates a low 4.8 pound per square inch ground pressure resulting in less soil compaction and ground disturbance. This also allows us to operate in most weather and over most ground conditions with minimal impact to the surface. Existing root systems are left intact so the health of residual trees are not threatened.







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