Four Reasons Why Land Is Cleared On A Large Scale

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Date: October 15, 2020
Category: Land Clearing

Four Reasons Why Land Is Cleared On A Large Scale

Why is land cleared?

Commercial land clearing can be a somewhat controversial topic. Many believe that land clearing should only be done under specific circumstances, but others in turn are of the opinion that there isn’t enough land clearing being done right now.  As the debate regarding land clearing continues, a lot of people don’t exactly know why forests are cleared in the first place. Before you create an opinion about the practice, you should first understand exactly what would lead to it.

Let’s explore what has led to commercial land clearing historically and what keeps the practice going today. Below are some of the main reasons why land is cleared on a larger scale.

1. Agriculture And Grazing

While there is a common perception that land is cleared to make way for more manufacturing or building purposes, many companies clear land for agricultural purposes.

There has always been a demand for agricultural land in our nation. Though methods have varied, there is historical documentation of land clearing by indigenous peoples and early settlers. Today, we still see many different practices to open the terrain for supporting agriculture.

Though we do rely heavily on our own agricultural products, many other nations also benefit from our abundance. Non-American recipients of American agricultural products are in need of more than many farmers can provide with the land that they currently have.

Though crops take up a large portion of the land, grazing land is also a great need. Raising livestock requires open healthy grazing land; if livestock, like cattle, do not have properly cleared and maintained land, they can do much damage.

To be responsible agricultural stewards and consumers, raw land needs to be carefully accessed and cared for.

2. Safety

Another unexpected reason why land clearing occurs on a large scale is that there are often questions of safety. Whether or not the land is eventually going to be used for commercial reasons, land that is cleared is often filled with dead trees, rocks, and other types of debris — even sometimes garbage!

For example, as seen in the south and west, wildfires are part of life. However, to create safety for the inhabitants of those areas, careful forest management and well-designed and implemented fire breaks can prevent unnecessary large scale destruction. Even in small amounts, land clearing can offer safety.

Another aspect of land clearing creating safer conditions is that of uneven, treacherous terrain. Experienced companies can ensure less erosion, protect the water supply, and be aware of the natural surroundings while clearing land.

Land clearing can design safe space for communities in areas that have less stable natural environments.

3. Land Development

Probably the most known reason why commercial land clearing services are needed is land development.

People need spaces to live, and more and more people need affordable housing. Oftentimes, the land is developed to better make space for housing developments, especially those that are available on a large scale.

Uneven ground and trees can stand in the way of creating a single building with dozens of apartment buildings. It is not necessary to completely destroy land or clear entire forests in order to develop land for housing purposes.

Excellent land management and conscientious land clearing companies can create space for housing and communities in a way that allows the natural assets to be preserved. 

4. Disease

Yes, a major reason why commercial land clearing services are often needed is a disease.

Most often, the types of diseases that require land clearing services are diseases spread through plants. Trees and other types of plants easily spread diseases to each other, and this can slowly wipe out a much larger portion of the forest than would be taken out through land clearing itself.

One of the only ways to effectively treat and manage a large swathe of land affected by the disease is simply clearing the diseased portion.

In any case, that land is to be cleared, it is important that land clearing companies have an excellent knowledge of the environment and can provide their service safely in a way that still protects our nation’s natural assets.