Four Ways Commercial Land Clearing Services Benefit the Surrounding Area

Four Ways Commercial Land Clearing Services Benefit the Surrounding Area
Date: November 11, 2020
Category: Land Clearing

Four Ways Commercial Land Clearing Services Benefit the Surrounding Area

According to the World Wildlife Fund, forests cover more than 30% of the earth’s surface, and figures from the Forest Inventory and Analysis estimate that Texas alone harbors 62.4 million acres of forest land, totaling approximately 38% of the state’s land. While forest land serves an important part in many ecosystems, clearing parts of them for commercial use can also be beneficial.

Commercial land clearing services can be used to help bring about a safer and more stable environment that can then be utilized by both commercial properties and residential housing. To understand the benefits that can come from land clearing, here is what you need to know.

1. Environmental Stability

Environmental preservation is more than leaving nature untouched. Conscientiously clearing portions of forests can help provide greater stability for the many species that might inhabit the area. For example, overgrown areas can have an overabundance of non-native invasive foliage growing in them. This overpopulation can make it difficult for native species to flourish, as the competition for sunlight and water grows higher. By clearing out these parcels of land and using careful flora selection, healthier soil can be cultivated allowing the ecosystem to be better maintained while also allowing commercial or residential use.

2. Safety

Commercial land clearing services can also help make areas safer by removing excess trees and foliage that could otherwise be a fire risk. With wildfires becoming an even greater threat in recent years, this is an important factor to consider. Because dead and dried plant material serve as a catalyst for fire, mulching these materials in areas reduces the risk of burning and maintains safety for animal and human habitats alike. Similarly, deadwood and dying trees can also pose risks during storms and strong winds. A falling tree can easily cause thousands of dollars in damage, as well as potentially injuring or killing a passerby. Clearing out the land using forestry mulchers prevents both of these risks using eco-friendly methods, ensuring that a safe area can be utilized and maintained.

3. Fewer Pests

Though every species serves a purpose in the wild, some species harbored in uncleared lots and woodlands pose risks to commercial or residential properties. A commercial land clearing service strategically removes habitats where these pests would ordinarily flourish, making it so with regular maintenance, land owners can help keep them at bay. Dense vegetation, layers of fallen leaves, limited sunlight and standing water make for great mosquito breeding grounds which could lead to uncomfortable outdoor environments for the residents nearby. Texas forests can also be home to brown recluse spiders, black widows, and kissing bugs, all of which can harm people or — in the case of the kissing bug — pass on Chagas disease. In addition to the insects that occupy untamed regions, copperheads, cottonmouth, and some rattlesnakes that also call the forest home. These snakes, though valuable for pest control in their own right, have caused countless hospital visits and in some unfortunate cases death. Tactical clearing of the land is the best way to create distinctly safer areas for human use.

4. Enhances Usability

Safety and stability aside, commercial land clearing also grants communities the ability to utilize the land more readily. A cleared lot can be used for retail centers, parking lots, housing, parks, and even agriculture. This ensures people can make the most out of the cleared land without having to worry about any of the dangers that can come from an overgrown wooded space.

Now that you know how land clearing can benefit you and the area around you, you can get started clearing your desired space without worry. If you have an overgrown lot or wooded area that you need to be cleared, reach out to Lone Star Land Enhancement today to get started!

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