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Why choose our land clearing service

Why We’re Better

We took pictures at a job site that was performed by one of our competitors. While we cannot guarantee that we’ll get every stump and stob shaved flush to the ground, we CAN guarantee that you won’t be left with a job that looks like this!  The entire 5 acres was difficult to walk through because of the poor quality of workmanship. We also noticed large areas near the tree patches where the underbrush was left untouched.

Some newer companies are trying to look like they are affiliated with us. One has taken our email address to make their business name and another took part of our name to make their name. We are not affiliated with either of these companies. If you are trying to contact us, please call our office directly at: 903-881-8400.

Some of these companies we have had personal dealings with and have found that they have been intentionally lying about their years of experience as well as using photos on their website of other companies’ machines or even different photos of people who are not affiliated with their company at all. Verify before choosing.

Many companies are making these mulchers now so more people are starting up businesses in our area. Some even charge lower fees. Things to keep in mind:

Many of these mulching machines are cheaper because they do not have sufficient horsepower or hydraulic flow to operate the cutting attachment properly causing the job to be much slower so a lower hourly rate will often result in a higher price per acre to get the job you’re looking for.

Also, you may be paying for their training time as they get to know their machine and learn how to increase production. Be sure you always ask how much experience they have, ask for references and ask for proof of their insurance. These questions will help you weed through and find reputable businesses. Lowest price doesn’t always mean best production and highest quality. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Renting A Mulcher and Doing it Yourself

Renting a machine sounds like a cheaper way to go but most land owners do not factor in all the costs that go along with land clearing, such as:

  • Purchasing the diesel needed to run the machine and refilling when returning it.
  • Transportation to and from the rental store. This can easily add up to $150 or more. Then you get to pay it twice…once for delivery and once for pick up.
  • The hours of training needed to learn the machine to get the most out of the rental time. While running the machine may be like many other machine, the mulching head takes some getting used to.
  • Most rental companies charge a huge down payment in case anything goes wrong with the machine and they will expect all repairs to be paid by the renter, including broken teeth which can run as high as $70 or more per tooth.
  • Many rental companies will require prior experience to rent these machines as they are so costly, high maintenance, and prone to catch fire .

In the long run it may be cheaper to pay someone else who has years of experience and who knows how to get the most production for your money. We, at Lone Star Land Enhancement, Inc. will go above and beyond to help you receive the look you are after for the best price possible.

Renting Means, You Break it You Buy it!